Tagaytay Photo Diary

Let’s paint the scene. It was the end of 2016, I was single, grieving, working at a job I really wasn’t happy with and wallowing in self pity. I had spent the last two months of the year on an emotional roller coaster. Things weren’t exactly ideal. So when Annie said that she was game to go on a short getaway trip with me to recharge and clear my head, I began my search for the perfect Airbnb in Tagaytay.

Tagaytay City, the place everybody runs away too when they want to escape the noise and pollution of Manila. Because I wanted to get away as soon as possible, I chose to go to Tagaytay on the first weekend of the year. Never mind the fact that I had never actually explored Tagaytay (past trips were done with Ralf and we only ever went to one place and for work) before, I just wanted to find a cozy spot, far far away from all the places that reminded me of 2016.


After searching high and low on Airbnb for an affordable and quiet stay, we decided to spend out one-night stay at Moon Garden Bed and Breakfast. I was intrigued by their photos (of course) and the description written by Ian (the owner). I messaged him about our plan and interest to stay at Moon Garden and he happily obliged. Communicating with him was very easy, something that you should always look for when you’re choosing accommodations via Airbnb. You can check out their listing here.

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My Glossier Obsession (Confession + Favorites + Review): Part 1

Some background: Glossier was created by a group of beauty editors that have (literally) tried everything out there and know what works.

“Beauty products for real life”

I discovered Glossier through a Snapchat story by Refinery 29. Glossier had just came out with the flavored Balm Dotcoms and R29 predicted that they were going to break the internet. And since I’m such a curious cat, I researched on the brand and found their website and youtube page.

What convinced me to try the Balm Dotcoms were the youtube videos Glossier put out. The videos were of girls, cool girls if I might add, showing what their daily beauty regimen was like. It was Glossier in action and I ate up every second of it. My initial thought after exploring the youtube and website was “I WANT TO BE A GLOSSIER GIRL” and needless to say, the rest was history.

glossier collection.jpg

What I love about the brand is the “skin first, make up second.” philosophy. I admit that I didn’t start a real skincare regimen up until a couple of years ago only. To this day, my routine is imperfect (I still dislike using toner and sunscreen) and honestly, it can be intimidating because skincare is far from cheap. Though there are affordable products in the market, if you really want to give your skin the best fighting chance, it is better to invest in products that will give you long-lasting results.

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Stuff I Swear By: Getting my hair cut SHORT by Lourd Ramos


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen that I got my haircut! (Yay!) Here’s a photo of me and Iza the morning before the magic happened.

I’ve had been contemplating on getting my hair cut SHORT for the longest time (say around…. 7 months?) and I never really grew the balls to actually do it til last December. That morning, Iza was telling Sir Dan about my idea of getting my hair cut as a statement for my Graduation collection. He immediately said that it was a good idea because I definitely had the face for a bold cut. Besides the fact that I got really kilig from him saying that, I became super pumped and knew then and there that it was time! I waited til January to get my haircut so that the next time my Dad’ll be seeing me would be three months later (hihi) thus he wouldn’t be able to stop me or doing anything about the haircut at all.


Of course I knew what kind of hair cut I wanted off the bat for the ultimate game changer. Miley Cyrus immediately came into mind when I was looking for hair pegs back in mid 2014. It was definitely a big risk to take considering that I’ve had long hair all my life ’til May 2014 (when I got my first bob ever). I did INTENSE research on where was the best place to get short hair in Manila however, I wasn’t able to find any blogs on getting pixie cuts or anything shorter than shoulder length. I found this very disappointing but continued my quest (I did not settle for the first 3 pages of Google Search lol). But in the end, I still came out with nothing so what I did instead was reviewed “Best Salons of 2014” lists on the internet and went through each salon one by one.

One of the salons that came up was Creations by Lourd Ramos. I first heard of this salon back in 2011 from a customer in Starbucks who had blue hair! I was so amazed that I had to ask where he had it done. He said that he went to Creations located at the top floor of Glorietta 5 (this branch doesn’t exist anymore). I didn’t go there at the time but since then, I had heard “Creations” pop up every now and then on social media and in conversations with friends.

Upon searching Lourd Ramos, I learned that he was trained in several places abroad and that he was a new advertiser for TreSemme. He has a reputation of giving edgy and really creative hairstyles (not the usual mermaid locks, bombshell curls or super straight hair type of thing) so I was curious. There wasn’t much on if he did a good job with short hair but I read that he wasn’t the type of hair stylist that made obviously forced small talk so I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to go look for him and ask what he thought of my chosen hairstyle. I also found out that the salon had a branch along Taft Avenue! (so close to me!) so it felt like the universe was telling me something (haha).

Early January, I stopped by their Taft branch just to inquire if they knew where he’d be the following day (I think that was a Tuesday). The receptionist informed me that he would actually be in the following day and that he’d be there from 12-3pm only so if I wanted to schedule an appointment, I should definitely do so. I was a bit nervous and asked if I could have it done the following week but she said that he only comes to the Taft branch once a month! I then showed her pictures of my peg and asked her if she thinks he can do the hairstyle for me and without batting an eyelash she said yes. I looked at Ralf and asked him what he thought I should do and he said “This is it!”. Needless to say, I booked my appointment with Lourd for the following day.

Photo from their Facebook page :)
Photo from their Facebook page 🙂

I went in feeling super nervous and excited. When I saw Lourd the first time, I was a bit starstruck but weirdly attracted to his energy. When he came up to me after I got my hair shampoo’d and ask me what can he do for me today. I told him that I wanted his exact haircut to which he was shocked and asked me maybe I wanted to go for something safer a la Ginnifer Goodwin or Anne Hathaway but I wouldn’t have it. I spent 7 months mustering up the courage to finally go Miley so I will go Miley (or something similar)! I then showed him the pic below and he got really into it and said let’s do it!


I actually have videos of him chopping my tresses off so there aren’t alot of pictures for me to show. Lourd grabbed a bunch of my hair and snipped it off close to my ear which caught me off guard but he said he did it so that there’s no turning back! I was on my way to short hair! Gaaaah!

The overall experienced was done in less than an hour. Lourd is so skillful with the scissors! He’s so creative too! He took my original peg photos and completely transformed it to something of his (and eventually my) own. He left the top of my hair long (just enough so that I can still curl it) then didn’t give me the full undercut experience because he wanted me to still have a feminine touch. He also left a little tail at the end which I grew to L-O-V-E! He was definitely genuine with me. Even if he talked alot, it didn’t seem fake at all. That and he was giving me tips on how to break the news to my parents and my Tiger Grandmother hihi.

2015-01-07 13.51.19

2015-01-07 13.51.47

2015-01-07 14.28.52

I told Lourd that I really wanted to learn how to do a pompadour like this so he showed me how and described everything step by step including what product I should use (but I couldn’t find 😦 ). I found that having Lourd do my hair was probably the best salon experience of my LIFE and I have no regrets going to him at all! I paid a hefty sum for my session with him (P950) but it was all worth it because the result was phenomenal:


My hair stayed like this til night time and until this day, I have not been able to replicate the height, poofy-ness, and hold. I got alot of compliments with my haircut (and some judging looks of course) which affirmed that going straight to Lourd was well worth it.

Lourd said that if I wanted to experiment with color, I could just go back to the branch and he’ll give careful instructions to his people there about what colors to mix for me. He doesn’t want to go straight to platinum blonde like Miley but maybe to experiment first with highlights. I’ve been pretty content with my haircut so I don’t think I’ll be getting it colored anytime soon though.

I actually went back to Creations the other day for a trim and I had another stylist do it for me. It costed me around P300 and the results were different. My haircut wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t the greatest either. It didn’t have the same effect (he shaved off my tail! HUHUHUHU) with what Lourd did for me so I figured that it’s probably because he isn’t as experienced as Lourd or maybe Lourd is just that good. I’ll probably wait (and save up) til I get to set an appointment with Lourd again before my graduation or maybe try getting my trims done in their Makati branch.

But I hope this post helps all you girls who are thinking of getting your hair cut super short. I advise you to do ALOT of research and get professional opinion before committing to anything! Even if it’s just hair, you’re going to have to deal with it for a long time and it pays to be extra careful with details. I HIGHLY recommend going to Lourd for your haircut and I also recommend trying out short hair at least once in your life! Definitely a life changing experience.