Project Volunteer: Angela’s Kids Party

Angela, Chief Girl Scout and host for the day :)
Angela, Chief Girl Scout and host for the day 🙂

Hello! This is the last of the Project Volunteer posts (for the school requirement at least) and this is probably my favorite one among the three. So another one of my best friends from Bacolod is Angela Rodriguez. When we were in High School, Angela was Chief of the Girl scouts and one of the requirements she had to do to win an award which at the time was given by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, she had to do a year long program wherein she taught school lessons to kids from her local neighborhood as well as teaching them about hygiene and manners. Ever since then, she holds a Christmas Party for the kids every year. This year however, due to some already made plans, she won’t be having the one for this year 😦 Instead, she decided to have it early (last month to be precise) and so we took a trip to Bacolod to celebrate an early Christmas with our High School friends.

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Project Volunteer: The Hero in Me with PMAP + CUPA

For my first NSTP Volunteer activity, I decided to ask my friend Carlo if there was anything that I could participate in as his lovely assistant/slave. I met Carlo back in the day when I first moved to Manila; Tita Mardi heads this Japanese exchange student tour every year and Carlo is always the head volunteer so this was when our paths first crossed. Carlo is a “Joy Riser” (that’s his twitter username) by profession. He gives talks and workshops to young teens and adults that teach them to find inspiration, passion, and give meaning to their work and daily lives. So when I asked Carlo if there was anything that I could volunteer for, he invited me to this “gig” that he was going to have the following Thursday. He was to give a talk to the leaders of organizations of the urban poor/informal settlers in Quezon City.

This talk was organized by the Persons Management Association of the Philippines and the Claret Urban Poor Apostolate; PMAP is an associate of Golden ABC so I was really surprised when Carlo told me this. I have to say, I was quite delighted by the fact that of all companies, it was a fashion retail one that I had the privilege to help in their cause. Although my task was just to be Carlo’s assistant, I left feeling alot lighter than when I first arrived.

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