On birthdays and self love

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Day 42/366 thoughts

Happy birthday Jamie!

I know you hate selfies but as I was preparing this post, I thought that posting these old selfies you took 2 years ago would make it extra special. I know you hate them but remember when you thought that the lighting was perfect and the wind effect just made everything extra glorious that day? These photos sat quietly in your computer for 24 months; it’s time to share them with the world wide web.

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How I’m planning to spend today


  1. Finally finish The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  2. Skip work
  3. Do quiet things in quiet places
  4. Paint
  5. Eat
  6. Sleep
  7. Tell everybody that I have no age/I don’t grow old anymore/my age is X.


*Photo taken in Don Salvador Benedicto, Bacolod City with my Ricoh XR 500.


Sandi’s 23rd

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I’ll be honest, I am a very hard person to please. I think that the life lessons I’ve learned over the years have hardened me as a person. I know exactly what I like/dislike, what I am capable of and most especially, who I choose as my friends. Thankfully, the universe was kind to the angsty, pre-high school me by introducing Sandi into my already-hard life.

Sandi and I have literally been through thick and thin together (we met when I was still a chubby kid but who’s to say that that stage is over?). We graduated grade school, high school, moved to Manila and entered DLSU together. She’s been there for me since the first heartbreak and I’m glad to say that I’m still around for her first love. So many things have happened to us over the past 10 years that fitting them into one post simply isn’t possible.

Sandi was always one for helping others. Probably the most caring person I know, she’s dedicated her life to the betterment of the community. She’s a firm believer in her faith and has been a servant to the poor for as long as I can remember. She and her whole family are so inspiring because all of them share the same values. So when we met up for dinner the week before her birthday, I was not surprised at all that for her 23rd, she decided to plan a special Mural painting Out-reach program with U! Happy Events. The event was at Ospital ng Makati on the 25th of July (yesterday).

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3 weeks prior to this though, I got a Facebook notification that her boyfriend, Ryan, had made a group with all her friends and family. His plan was to collect pictures and messages for everyone and compile them into a super surprise for her. He asked me to help him conceptualise how to present the collected dedications and I suggested that we make them into cards that double as fridge magnets. He gave it to her when we met up at the MRT, right before leaving for Ospital ng Makati.

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Leave it to Sandi for making me come out of my comfort zone and meet new friends as well as reconnect with old ones. I got to spend the morning with Mike and Dianne, her block mates from DLSU that I used to be close to. I was smiling and laughing the whole morning with everyone else. All the good energy definitely uplifted the whole hospital because parents and other children from different rooms were coming to take a peek at the activity.

These pictures were taken by Mike (check out his work here!)  and I just post-processed them for my Twitter account. Still contemplating if I should grab the rest of his pictures and make a full blog post of the day’s events.

Happy happy birthday to my bestest friend! Words can’t describe how much love I have for you. Your light inspires me to shine brighter each and every day.

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My birthday was actually last Feb 11 but one month prior, my best friend Timmy asked me to save Feb 21 for my surprise birthday celebration with our barkada from DLSU. So that night, I got dressed extra fancy and headed to Fort for dinner and dancing.

HB 01

I spent an awesome night with these people! Timmy brought us to this bar/pub called Relik where (surprise, surprise) there was an open mic night. I already had suspicions that their surprise would be something singing-related so I already had a song in mind (I want to break free by Queen); however, open mic night was Acoustic versions of 90’s to current music so they didn’t have my song 😦 I sang Alone by Heart (Celine Dion version) instead because that’s Timmy’s favourite song for me to sing. I was shaky and flat at one point since I don’t sing Acoustic so it was difficult for me to adjust. I did enjoy Smith’s rendition of Breakeven as well as Ysa and H’s awesome acoustic version of Ignition (R Kelly).

Relik. Photo taken from http://www.spot.ph


HB 02

Stole this photo from Timmy’s instagram account. Finally an updated photo of our awesome friendship! Everything about this night was planned by this gorgeously OC girl. Timmy was my first friend in DLSU and we’ve been there for each other through almost everything. Can’t imagine what I would have been or how my university experience would have been like without her.

Photo taken from Aracama’s Facebook page

We walked to Aracama from Relik. We reserved a table (P3500 for a small table for 8) and we were there from 11:30pm to 4am. No one got super wasted nor caused a scene which is not normal when we’re all together so ACHIEVEMENT! It was my first time there too. My overall impression of the place was that there are a lot of people there that were in our age bracket so not bad. There were definitely alot of students and there were some familiar faces.

Ended the night at my place where everyone crashed. I had school the next day (Saturday class, ugh.) so I really needed to get some sleep. This night is definitely one for the books especially since I never celebrate my birthday. I promised myself that in 2014 I would put more effort to making more memories so this is definitely putting me on the right track.

Specially Tailored For: HANNA BANG



Made this special birthday dress for one of my dearest friends from my DLSU days, Hanna (H for short) Bang! Since moving to SoFA, I’ve lost a lot of “friends” but Hanna definitely stuck with me through and through! I started the design by drawing inspiration from this AMAZING Stella McCartney dress from her 2011 collection. I first saw the contoured Colorblock dress while watching this tv show called GCB (Good Christian Belles) a couple of years back. It was love at first sight! I never saw a more flattering dress. Even after the show cancelled, the design of that dress just stuck. So when I met with H and she gave me the go signal to do whatever I wanted in terms of design, I knew I had to pay homage to the amazing dress! H picked the colour palette for the dress and I sketched away. The original sketches are in my fashionary (which of course, I don’t have as of the moment so those pictures will come later) but I did do an informal croquis of how I wanted it to look.




So after finalising the design, I went off to work! I originally wanted a nice stretch crepe for the dress just so that it wouldn’t look to formal but due to time and budget constraints, I settled for duchess satin (which isn’t exactly cheap either) and worked for about a week. The final garment still actually needs some adjusting so since I have a bit of time on my hands right now, that’s what I’ll be doing for this weekend. But yeah, H loved it so that’s all that matters! 🙂

IMG_1955 IMG_1956 IMG_1957 IMG_1958


Stella McCartney Fall 2011 collection
Leslie Bibb as Amanda Vaughn
Other celebs sporting the dress