Global Mala Project 2015

global mala 2015

Going to the Global Mala Project has been a mini tradition for me and my best friend, Angel. Our first year was back in 2013, months after we started learning yoga together back in Bacolod (see here). We were so excited and I made sure that we stuck to our agreed schedule of classes. This year, we decided to return to the Global Mala Project as volunteers. We got to meet and talk to other volunteers/yogis as well as attend classes FOR FREE (which by the way was the best part). Angela and I took the morning shift so by 1pm, we were already on our mats.

We attended a total of 3 classes and 1 talk. My favorite class would have to be Gateway to Freedom: Core Awakening Flow Yoga by Christi Christensen. Not only was her personality infectious but what she was teaching us was exactly what I needed. To be honest, when she was repeating over and over again that we should let go and love ourselves, I started to tear up. I had a hard time blinking back the tears; good thing that I was sweating so much so nobody could tell if they were actual tears or my sweat.

These photos are not arranged in order of events and are a mix of when I was volunteering and photos I took before and after classes begun. Excuse the selfies, most of those were Angela’s idea.

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I know I mentioned somewhere  that I haven’t had a proper workout since the start of my graduation collection. That’s roughly a year of being stressed/busy/lazy bum. I enrolled in a gym last August to help get myself back in shape. I have a personal trainer named Spike who bugs me almost everyday to work out so that’s really been helping me out. I have gained a total of 30 pounds since I stopped working out. So you can just imagine the struggle of taking classes one after another during Global Mala. Honestly, I had only taken two Flow classes (after x number of months) the week prior to GMP so my body was DEFINITELY not prepared for the physical strain.

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Photo by my fellow volunteer, Kath

IMG_5964This year, I had a lot of time to reflect on my current situation and how bottled up I’ve become. I am honestly not the type to keep things to myself but during Christi’s class, I couldn’t help but feel lousy. It was like she knew what I was unconsciously going through and her energy just woke up something inside of me. I still can’t explain what exactly happened in that flow class but from it, I know that I have to cut myself some slack and relearn everything all over again.

So since GMP, I’ve slowly shifted to a Pescatarian diet, gone to yoga more than once this week and work out at least once a week. I’m trying to not harbor a lot of negativity during the day and I am slowly letting go of my worries and fears for the future. I try as much as possible to journal everyday too, a habit that I’ve let go off because of an insecurity.

I still have a long way to go but this has been the most peaceful my mind has been for months now. I’m just trying to go back to going with the flow.

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As you might have already figured out, I’m pretty passionate about my yoga practice and so I thought that I should share with you Angela and I’s joint instagram account baby @ouromjourney. We started the account so that we had a project that we could do together even when we go back to our separate realities (a.k.a. school) and also so that we had a way to track our progress. On @ouromjourney, we post the monthly challenges that we join, anything related to a healthier lifestyle (exercise, food, random cute baby animals) and our acro yoga photos. I’m really proud of the last one because it was only last year during Global Mala Project where we did Acro yoga for the very first time. It’s almost been a year since then and we have definitely improved! 

So if you guys want to check our yoga selfies out, click away and leave comments! 😀 Thank you and Namaste mothafuckaaaaas

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Global Mala Project 2013

What do you get when you place me in charge of organising schedules? An endless list of possibilities! After coming up with 3 schedules (1 priority sched, Plan B and Plan C), I felt ready to spend a full day pushing my body to its fullest. I went to GMP with my best friends, Angela (bff from Bacolod) and Wanda (bff from SoFA). We immersed ourselves in yoga for one whole day and it was such a beautiful thing, watching so many people come together to celebrate life and a common love. The best activity for the day hands down goes to the Acroyoga session with teachers from Yoga+. Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with trying to find out the dates of their next workshop. I started looking into taking classes in Yoga+ for a change of scenery. Like I said, the possibilities are absolutely endless.

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