The making of Daddy D’s dress

Everything starts with an idea.

Sir Dan’s idea was basically the whole dress would be a blob that’s about to start reproduction. He didn’t actually say this to me of course, but that was how I understood the design. A puffed sleeve on the right with a cinched waist and tapered to the hem. When I looked at the sketch for the first time, a million and one ideas came rushing through my mind. That’s my favorite part of draping: figuring out how you’re going to execute the design. Something that I’ve learned in fashion school is that everyone has a different forte. There are a few lucky ones that’s the fashion equivalent of a triple threat (blessed in design, technical and business aspects of fashion) but not all of us were lucky enough to be born that way. Often, I see students design without thinking about how exactly they’re going to bring them to life. And closures. Why do people forget that the person who will be wearing your garment has a head above their shoulders? Please put a button or a zipper; ANYTHING that will open up the garment so that your model can easily slip it on. Please. Thank you.

-End of rant-



So with all garments, I started out with a prototype.

I don’t know why I look like a mess here. I swear I’m better looking than this
FInished prototype


After a few adjustments and Sir Dan’s critique, I got to work on the actual. Sir Dan gave me gazaar to work with for this dress (which is his favorite fabric) and as I mentioned before, I was not able to finish the dress since I only had a day and a half. 

IMG_5851 IMG_5852 IMG_5853 IMG_5854 IMG_5855 IMG_5862 IMG_5861 IMG_5860 IMG_5859 IMG_5858At this point, I had already done the initial shape and the darts needed for the design. Isn’t Sir Dan such a cutie? 🙂 He looks like a green Papa Smurf hihihi


This was the last photo I took with the dress. No sleep that night so excuse my tired eyes and pimply skin. Whoever said that fashion was easy should go jump off a building.

Advance Draping: Balmain Sleeves and Dart Placement

I’m all for exaggeration so for this activity I thought of doing the sleeves with two points instead of one and for my darts to become part of the edgy design.

Oh and I am well aware that I did not cut the sleeves to fit properly. I did that on purpose because I had planned to reuse the muslin.


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