Fashion Trends Midterm: FRESH magazine

I made up a magazine for my Midterms in Fashion Trends. We basically had to make a magazine (individual work) that should have a total of 5 editorials. The editorials had to take inspiration from 5 activities we had in class namely: 2 inspired from a fashion decade in history (Because I wasn’t listening in class, I did 2. I chose 1920’s and 30’s), the Desigual launching event, the 2013 Graduation show of the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, your own aesthetic and how socio-economic events affect the fashion industry. These pages are not in the right order. Credits of who did what are found in the layout (which I did by myself and I never want to do that again). Oh but most of the clothes were borrowed from my very very good friend Reese Lansangan, suit used for the 1930’s editorial is by Tatenda Sipula, and the rubber band dress was done by the fabulous Mimi Garbo. 🙂

On the up side, my teacher told the class that I had one of the best magazines so two thumbs up! At least all the effort didn’t go to a waste.