The first week of being single

Because everyone loves juicy gossip.

2016 has officially roundhouse-kicked my butt. You’d think things can’t get any worse than the recent Presidential elections, chaos in Syria, the whole Marcos debacle, losing a loved one… then comes life proving you wrong and reminding you that you are not never in control.

And even if I’m a pretty optimistic person (at least, I’d like to think so), this was a blow unlike other blows. When you separate from someone you’ve put alot of time and effort and love in to, the world becomes a glassy version of what reality is. It’s like stepping into that other world they keep talking about in Stranger Things, it’s familiar but not at the same time. That’s where I’ve been living for the past week, somewhere that looks like my day-to-day life minus all the colors.

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Life Update (9/28/16)

Finally some time to squeeze in a quick life update.

We’ve officially surpassed the midpoint of our USA trip. As of the moment, Ralf and I have travelled from Manila to Los Angeles, New York, Virginia, Washington D.C., Orlando and back to LA. All those places in a span of 25 days.

We have visited places like LACMA, the Flatiron building, Madison Square Garden, The Met, Top of the Rock, the US Capitol, Great Falls Park, Disneyworld, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Sta. Monica Pier… just to name a few.

And I finally finished my citizenship papers! After months and months of working with Sandi, making plans and discussing the procedure, I’m finally getting my Filipino passport this November!

Tomorrow we leave for San Francisco to see Ralf’s tita and her daughter via JetBlue and will be coming back to LA after the weekend.

This trip has been incredibly tiring so far but so rewarding. We’ve met old friends and new friends along the way, seen so many new places and heard so many stories. Many things have also happened, to us and to people around us since we left the Philippines. In due time these will all be shared here on the blog.

But ’til then this will have to suffice. Expect tons and tons of photos and videos up on the new Youtube page: Jamie Sees

What a “normal” week is like for me (2 weeks ’til USA 2016)

Since leaving my job at VR Inc., I’ve been through a rollercoaster of events and it’s only been a week! My close friends know how random my days can be so they’re used to me suddenly disappearing off the face of the earth and resurfacing elsewhere. But of those of you who are still getting to know me, allow me to give you an idea what a “normal” week is like.


Saturday night: Booked a flight to Legaspi City to see my mom (happening the following Monday) 

Saturday was my Mom’s birthday and I could feel through the phone that she wanted me to visit her before the big trip. After checking and comparing prices, I bought a plane ticket for the following Monday (the 15th).

The hardest part of leaving Manila is dropping off Elvis and Allie at my sister’s (that and leaving my sister behind as well). They always always know when I’m leaving Manila because they get extra clingy and have really long faces when it’s time to shut the door.

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Here’s to the “New” and (definitely) Improved

After months and months of procrastinating and endless Pro’s and Con’s lists, I finally worked up the balls to buy my own domain! *cue happy dancing but I don’t actually do this in real life so*

There’s still alot to do for the blog such as make past blog posts more accessible to readers and upload more content (like more pretty pictures) which I intend to do so don’t worry!

Besides my creative projects, film photography and body issue post, I will be posting more about my actual day-to-day life (in my attempt to keep my New Year’s Resolution which is to share more). I have a post coming soon about my job at Vania Romoff‘s so if you’re interested in working in fashion, this is a post you won’t want to miss.

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Currently on my table: my 2016 planner from Typo, Muji’s 0.38mm black pen, my friend’s comic (Cavity & Core by Ysa Bondoc), and my Macbook Air


This is the biggest commitment that I’ve made to the blog and to my future “online presence.” Ralf and I are planning a couple of things for when we go to the United States so FINGERS CROSSED THAT IT WILL PUSH THROUGH. We’ll be leaving in September and will be travelling all over the USA!

Definitely exciting times ahead.

Update: How My Summer Went



(1) Finally got internship (YAY) after months and months and months of searching! I currently work for Tita Susie (Carlo’s mom) who owns a factory that manufactures clothes for buyers. She has a brand with her close friend (Tita Pam) called MiVestida and during bazaars, I transform to to “tindera” mode. It’s been fun so far but sadly, my internship will come to an end next week.

(2) My henna tattoo skills have definitely improved this past year! This summer, we (or me haha) offered a Henna tattoo service through Glacier in hopes to attract more customers. It was successful (for a while) but now we’re preparing for a Back-to-School sale so you guys can watch out for that.

(3) That’s a blurry photo of Idina Menzel when she came to Manila for her World Tour. I felt like crying when she came out and sang “Defying Gravity” as her opening number. All I kept thinking was “OH MY GOD SHE’S REAL AND SHE’S PERFECT”. I was hoping to see her son and his cute little afro but sadly, he did not make an appearance. I didn’t get to meet her or ask for an autograph so that’s still on the bucket list.

(4) I finally joined the Basic Acting class of Repertory Philippines. From April something to May 30, I practiced everyday from 6-9pm with those weirdos in the picture and I LOVED every minute of it. I learned so much and made alot of new friends. I can definitely say that acting, singing and dancing can be a path for me to take but is it the right one?

(5) Finally got to shoot with Erwin, Julls and Sofia! It’s going to be a lookbook for my graduation collection and I’m ecstatic with how the photos came out! So excited to share it with all of you so stay tuned for that!

(6) A teeny tiny pajama set next to 8-inch fabric scissors. That’s one of the costumes I made for Annie’s thesis. The first shoot will already start this friday! I still have a few more outfits to finish before then so gotta work non-stop starting tomorrow!

Those are the highlights of my Summer 2015. Hopefully I don’t fall behind with updating this blog again but now that I’m looking at the photo collage I made, I understand why bloggers result to this kind of presentation. Not to mention the fact that I made it B&W to add drama.

Let me know if I should do more of these in the future!