Crystal Beach, Zambales

One fine Saturday morning, we piled into the car and headed north to Zambales for some much needed sun exposure. It was my first time driving that far and my first time that far North. Crystal beach is actually just 4 hours from Manila (more or less); I just never got around to exploring (Luzon in general) so this was a real treat. Mini-adventure with Kate and Timmy, my best friends from those DLSU days.

We arrived at the town of San Narciso around 12pm. After checking into our room and resting for a few minutes, we went straight to the beach.









After spending a good 60 minutes catching up on some reading (Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk), Timmy emerged from the water (Little Mermaid style: fins turned into legs) and insisted that I join them. We swam and judged the couples who were taking kissing selfies with the sunset as their backdrop and a man (with full on fishing gear) who insisted that he could catch fish by the shore.


Packed up right before 5:30pm because there was a free yoga class happening on the beach. Of course Kate and I insisted that we attend. It was Timmy’s first time to try a yoga class and lucky for her, it was a hatha practice so nothing too crazy.





After dinner, we went back to the beach where they had acoustic sessions going on. There was a teeny bonfire and a whole bunch of people requesting all kinds of love songs and dedicating them to former loves and what-could-have-beens.




Because I only had a couple of hours sleep the night before, I was sound asleep a little after midnight. Woke up the next day at around 7AM, had breakfast then went straight back to our spot on the beach.



Drove back to Manila at around 11:30 AM. I was falling asleep behind the wheel so right before we hit NLEX, Timmy and I switched. I slept like a baby at the backseat and next thing I knew, we were already back in Manila traffic.

Thanks for dragging me out girls! Here’s to the first of many more adventures in 2017.

*Photos taken and edited by me with my Sony A6000

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