Tagaytay Photo Diary

Let’s paint the scene. It was the end of 2016, I was single, grieving, working at a job I really wasn’t happy with and wallowing in self pity. I had spent the last two months of the year on an emotional roller coaster. Things weren’t exactly ideal. So when Annie said that she was game to go on a short getaway trip with me to recharge and clear my head, I began my search for the perfect Airbnb in Tagaytay.

Tagaytay City, the place everybody runs away too when they want to escape the noise and pollution of Manila. Because I wanted to get away as soon as possible, I chose to go to Tagaytay on the first weekend of the year. Never mind the fact that I had never actually explored Tagaytay (past trips were done with Ralf and we only ever went to one place and for work) before, I just wanted to find a cozy spot, far far away from all the places that reminded me of 2016.


After searching high and low on Airbnb for an affordable and quiet stay, we decided to spend out one-night stay at Moon Garden Bed and Breakfast. I was intrigued by their photos (of course) and the description written by Ian (the owner). I messaged him about our plan and interest to stay at Moon Garden and he happily obliged. Communicating with him was very easy, something that you should always look for when you’re choosing accommodations via Airbnb. You can check out their listing here.


Checking in at Moon Garden was really simple. We drove into the property and parked by the stone stairs leading up to the main area. We walked until we saw 2 pairs of couples and Tony, the staff member in charge of checking in guests. He gave us our key, took our order for tomorrow’s breakfast and led us to our casita.




After a bit of rest, Annie and I headed out to eat lunch-dinner at Charito by Bag of Beans. By this time, it was already 4pm and we heard from Timmy that this restaurant had a great view of Taal lake. We predicted that it would be quite crowded from sunset to dinner time so we decided to leave early. Definitely was not disappointed with the view and the food.



After eating, Annie and I headed back since most coffee shops (like the Starbucks right across) were packed. We stayed in and relaxed in the common area until the evening. We later went out for dessert and drove around for a bit. That night and the following day, I forced her to pose for some photos. Since we’re not the type to take photos of ourselves, this was a real struggle but I’m quite happy with the results.






We made a quick stop at Ilog Maria Bee Farm to pick up some soap and other Honey-infused products to bring back with us before heading home. Moon Garden provided complimentary soap (the scent was Sandalwood and Honey) from Ilog Maria and it was HEAVEN. We just had to get some for ourselves.

Moon Garden was definitely one of the prettiest Airbnb accommodations that I’ve stayed in. It’s secluded and beautiful, like a true getaway should be. My only suggestion is that they should look into providing simple spa treatments like a full-body massage for those guests who really just want to stay in their casitas and bum all day (a.k.a. me). Definitely a place to go to if you want a romantic weekend with your S.O. or if you’re just looking for some alone time.

And as for me, I’m honestly still struggling but definitely doing much better after the mini-trip. I’ve learned in the past month that talking things through with friends and loved ones are a big help and that everyone deserves a vacation once in a while.


I brought the Yashica A since my resolution was to take more photos this year, so keep an eye out for more film photos. 🙂

*Photos all taken with my iPhone and Sony A6000

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