My Glossier Obsession (Confession + Favorites + Review): Part 1

Some background: Glossier was created by a group of beauty editors that have (literally) tried everything out there and know what works.

“Beauty products for real life”

I discovered Glossier through a Snapchat story by Refinery 29. Glossier had just came out with the flavored Balm Dotcoms and R29 predicted that they were going to break the internet. And since I’m such a curious cat, I researched on the brand and found their website and youtube page.

What convinced me to try the Balm Dotcoms were the youtube videos Glossier put out. The videos were of girls, cool girls if I might add, showing what their daily beauty regimen was like. It was Glossier in action and I ate up every second of it. My initial thought after exploring the youtube and website was “I WANT TO BE A GLOSSIER GIRL” and needless to say, the rest was history.

glossier collection.jpg

What I love about the brand is the “skin first, make up second.” philosophy. I admit that I didn’t start a real skincare regimen up until a couple of years ago only. To this day, my routine is imperfect (I still dislike using toner and sunscreen) and honestly, it can be intimidating because skincare is far from cheap. Though there are affordable products in the market, if you really want to give your skin the best fighting chance, it is better to invest in products that will give you long-lasting results.

When you visit the website, you will first be attracted to their awesome imagery. The way they marketed the Glossier girl is perfection.

a screenshot of Glossier’s Instagram feed (@glossier)

I’ve decided to make a 2-part series for this subject matter because it can be overwhelming to have to read so much in one sitting. This first part will consist of lists and a short introduction to the products (plus links!). The second post will be about the full-on reviews of my favorite purchases.

Let’s start off by listing down my (current) Glossier purchases:

  1. Flavored Balm Dotcoms (Cherry, Rose, Mint)
  2. Phase 1 Set (includes the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium, Original Balm Dotcom, and the Priming Moisturizer)
  3. Haloscope in Quartz
  4. Boy Brow in Black

Purchases that are currently on their way:

  1. Haloscope in Moonstone (Limited Edition)
  2. Lip Gloss
  3. Stretch Concealer in Medium

No regrets:

  1. Flavored Balm Dotcom in Rose and Mint
  2. Milky Jelly Cleanser
  3. Priming Moisturizer
  4. Boy Brow in Black
  5. Haloscope in Quartz

Glossier products that I want to try/buy and the reasons why I have yet to jump the gun:

  1. The Super Pack (Super Bounce, Super Pure, Super Glow)
    1. Currently using the very expensive but totally worth it Khiel’s night and day oils
  2. Generation G in Cake
    1. Everyone seems to be obsessing over this particular shade HOWEVER I’m pretty happy with just the Balm Dotcoms. Doesn’t help that the packaging looks cheap (to me) even though I know it was intended to be this way.
  3. Black Tie Set
    1. Basically, too poor to buy the whole set that’s why I opted to just buy what I’m really interested in.
  4. Soothing Face Mist
    1. I don’t want to spend $18 on magic water. My current face mist was a gift and so far I’m loving it but not enough to buy one with my own money.
  5. Glossier Sweatshirt
    1. I’m such a fan girl. A very, very poor fan girl.


All the other products I didn’t keep, I gave away to friends who were interested in Glossier. So far, all of them sing high praises for the brand. I admit that not everything was a hit for me but overall, I’m pretty happy with my purchases. Stay tuned for Part 2 to read about my experience and reviews on my favorite products.

What’s on your Glossier wishlist? Tell me about it in the comments section so that we can fangirl together.


As usual, photos are taken and edited by me. I’ve always wanted to try the more dreamy looking presets on VSCO but never really found a way how until this post. I used preset T3 from the Moody series and shot the photos with my Sony A6000. Let me know what you think of the new editing style by commenting below or liking this post.



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