What a “normal” week is like for me (2 weeks ’til USA 2016)

Since leaving my job at VR Inc., I’ve been through a rollercoaster of events and it’s only been a week! My close friends know how random my days can be so they’re used to me suddenly disappearing off the face of the earth and resurfacing elsewhere. But of those of you who are still getting to know me, allow me to give you an idea what a “normal” week is like.


Saturday night: Booked a flight to Legaspi City to see my mom (happening the following Monday) 

Saturday was my Mom’s birthday and I could feel through the phone that she wanted me to visit her before the big trip. After checking and comparing prices, I bought a plane ticket for the following Monday (the 15th).

The hardest part of leaving Manila is dropping off Elvis and Allie at my sister’s (that and leaving my sister behind as well). They always always know when I’m leaving Manila because they get extra clingy and have really long faces when it’s time to shut the door.

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Tuesday morning: Waking up in Legaspi 

I arrive mid-morning on Monday in Legaspi. There is no view of Mount Mayon when I step off the plane because of thick fog. I only planned to stay a couple of days at my Mom’s; just enough time to see her, my little brother and my stepdad. I spent most of the time catching up with my family, re-reading Alice in Wonderland (I got this gorgeous copy in Fully Booked), and eating lots of spicy, Bicolano cuisine.

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Thursday morning: Picking up a long-awaited package from the Makati Post Office

A friend told me before that receiving packages through the Makati Post Office was such a breeze that I decided to try it myself. Months ago, I backed Fashionary‘s latest Kickstarter project, the Fashionpedia. It’s a gorgeous encyclopaedia of all things fashion and I wanted it so bad (at the time) that I couldn’t sleep.

Want me to write a detailed review on the Fashionpedia? Let me know in the comment section below.

I had the book sent to the office (a Makati address) just because I really wanted to visit the Makati Post office and see if it really was better than other post offices in Manila. The notice card arrived maybe around a month ago but I only had the time to pick up my package this week.

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Friday afternoon: Picking up our International Driving Permit from the AAP 

This was definitely the highlight of my week. Ralf and I are planning to take a side trip and see canyons in Arizona while we’re in the US and so decided that we would drive there from LA. The AAP (Automobile Association Philippines) offers a Philippine International Driving Permit (you can read the instructions on how to apply for one here) which allows you to drive in more than 100 affiliated countries in the world. The Makati branch was not crowded when we arrived on Thursday afternoon so submitting our application forms was a breeze. We were told to come back the following day to pick up our permits and AAP membership cards (a requirement if you want to get a PIDP).

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So there you have it! I started out in QC, flew to Bicol on a whim, then ended up back in Makati City before the week ended. Everything’s kind of crazy right now what with resigning from my day job and planning a HUUUGE trip but if I was being totally honest, most of my weeks are identical to this one.

For next week, I’ll be in Bacolod visiting my Dad’s side of the family and will be there ’til 3 days before the trip. More on that in my next blog post where I’ll be writing from Bacolod.

What have you accomplished this week? Please comment on this post because I’d love to hear about it!

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