Manggapuri Villas/Christmas 2015 in film


My family has always been on the quirky side; it’s very rare when we’re actually all together in the same place at the same time and last Christmas was no different. We were missing my older sister and her family but despite this, my dad really wanted us to get away from the city (Bacolod is nothing compared to Manila in terms of what a “city” is (it’s so much better, I promise you)) and have some family time together. So on the 26th, we climbed into our family cars and drove up to Manggapuri Villas in Don Salvador Benedicto.

The drive wasn’t too long (a little over an hour) so we got there just in time for lunch. Tita Chi, the owner of Manggapuri Villas, is a good friend of the parents so she made sure that we were taken care of while we were there. We only stayed overnight which is such a shame since the place was so serene. The scenery is to die for and you’ll see why in the photos. The place was originally intended as a private rest/retreat house but Tita Chi and Tito Raoul decided to share their sanctuary with the public. You can read more about the place here.


There are lots of rooms in the property that you can choose from. The one that me and my sisters stayed in was huuuuuuuge with two big king-sized beds with luxury hotel linens (legit linens and duvets!). The bathroom is really spacious and the windows are full length so you can only imagine the kind of sunlight that fills the room.


There are two common rooms that you can make use of: one for dining and one game room. We spent most of our time in the dining room, playing board games and eating home cooked meals (which you pre-order before arriving at the place). Everything is organic and fresh, something that I love to boast about when I talk about what the food is like in Bacolod.


All in all, Manggapuri was exactly what my family needed: a rest house far, far away from the urban life with good food and no distractions (goodbye, television!… but don’t worry the place has free wifi). Just good, old family bonding.

All photos taken by me with my Ricoh XR 500.


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