On weddings

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Day 7/366 thoughts

Assisted my first VR wedding today and lucky me, it was a sunny day in Tagaytay (photos were AMAZING). Being at the bride’s prep and assisting her right before the doors opened to her new life was overwhelming. Because to me, it was work but to everyone else, it’s the biggest day of her life and everyone wanted it to be perfect.

Right before the Church doors opened, we fixed her gown and veil for the last time. Then everything went quiet except for the muffled sound of the violin playing Coldplay. The march had already begun and it was time to wait. The documentation team was ready, the coordinator talking swiftly through her walkie-talkie and us, standing by the bride waiting for her grand entrance. She stood there by the huge wooden doors just waiting for her cue. I could see that she was deep in thought, probably thinking about how her life was going to change forever (that or maybe how she didn’t get to finish her burger in time).

And I started to think, “this is why people are obsessed with proclaiming their love”.  It was something that I was pondering on a couple of days ago. Why do people like making long posts to their significant others on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Why do they write a long and sometimes draggy dedication to their beloveds on monthsaries, birthdays, anniversaries? Why are they compelled to share intimate thoughts about them with the world?

When I “wrote” my thoughts through the magnets, I didn’t really have anything to say about it until today. Until after today’s wedding. Because now I kind of get it. You can’t help but be proud and say

“I’m glad I have you in my life, now I don’t have to go about being a lonely soul anymore.”

Personally, I still won’t do it (get married) but now at least I’ve sort of justified the grand gesture. I can’t deny that it was so heartwarming being a part of someone’s big day. I wouldn’t mind at all doing that again in the future.

*Bride’s gown designed by Vania Romoff

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