School Fair

I don’t know if I mentioned before but this year I am finally graduating (HOORAY!) after four long years in SoFA Design Institute. Graduation will be on the last week of March (crossing my fingers in hopes that the date will be finalised soon) and in preparation for that, the class decided to hold a school fair to raise funds for the show. It was here that I decided to test out an old unused roll of film that I found while picking up my cameras from the other condo. It was with this roll that I discovered the last remaining photo labs in Bacolod and the wonders of the Vivitar EZ35. I actually got a refund for the processing because they discovered that the film was expired and figured that it’d be a waste to complete the procedure (tsk tsk). It was after a couple of weeks that I decided to invest in a film scanner (which I bought from CDR King at P2800) that I finally got to see what the photos from the roll looked like. I was pleased with the outcome even if the photos were extremely grainy.

It was with this roll that I decided to get back on the film photography bandwagon.


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