Home for the holidays through my Vivitar EZ35

So there is NO FILM in Bacolod. There is absolutely no place where you can get good quality film in Bacolod. I did check out a couple of photo labs that a friend suggested to me when I asked where I can get my film developed and yes, they do develop (C-41 processing) but do not have a scanning service. After visiting 4 different photography stores (some turned out to not be photo labs), I finally found some expired Fuji C200 film in Jolly Photo Lab (across Lopues East) but they don’t have anything film related other than the expired film. I did see a number of places selling Fuji Instax cameras and the Fujifilm X series so if you guys are interested in that, comment below! 🙂

Anyway, armed with 5 rolls of expired film, I started shooting away with the only 135mm film camera I brought which is the Vivitar and here are some photos I took during my Christmas break 🙂

000007 000010 000011 000012 000013
000015 000016 000022 000024 000025

7 thoughts on “Home for the holidays through my Vivitar EZ35”

    1. Hello! I only know one place in Bacolod that still develops film (how sad). I think it’s called Manhattan Color.. either that or Kodak. It’s located across San Agustin college, right next to the Church. But they only develop colored films, no B&W love 😦

  1. Hi the one you mentioned near San Agustin College do they still develop films ? I just came back from Riyadh from a 2 year contract and I wAs surprised that no one is developing films here in Bacolod anymore or even selling films! 😦

    1. Hi Bubu-chan! I actually haven’t gone there in a while and I really doubt that they still develop film since at the time of this post, they said that they were using old chemicals to process my roll. 😦

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