Adventures with You

These photos were taken with my La Sardina camera which I have had some bad luck with in the past. A common mistake with the Lomography’s La Sardina is the twisting of the lens to open the shutter. When I first got my camera back in 2012, I didn’t realise that in order to open the shutter fully, you’d have to twist til you hear a click. Well, you can only imagine how much film I wasted then just because I missed that part in the manual (3 rolls to be exact) so this was technically my first few photos with the camera.

One thing I observed with this camera is that the pictures came out a bit on the faded side. With these photos, since I took them at around 5pm, they came out pretty dark. I used Photoshop’s Auto tone to bring the images out. Also tested the double exposure which was pretty neat 🙂

School Fair

I don’t know if I mentioned before but this year I am finally graduating (HOORAY!) after four long years in SoFA Design Institute. Graduation will be on the last week of March (crossing my fingers in hopes that the date will be finalised soon) and in preparation for that, the class decided to hold a school fair to raise funds for the show. It was here that I decided to test out an old unused roll of film that I found while picking up my cameras from the other condo. It was with this roll that I discovered the last remaining photo labs in Bacolod and the wonders of the Vivitar EZ35. I actually got a refund for the processing because they discovered that the film was expired and figured that it’d be a waste to complete the procedure (tsk tsk). It was after a couple of weeks that I decided to invest in a film scanner (which I bought from CDR King at P2800) that I finally got to see what the photos from the roll looked like. I was pleased with the outcome even if the photos were extremely grainy.

It was with this roll that I decided to get back on the film photography bandwagon.


Home for the holidays through my Vivitar EZ35

So there is NO FILM in Bacolod. There is absolutely no place where you can get good quality film in Bacolod. I did check out a couple of photo labs that a friend suggested to me when I asked where I can get my film developed and yes, they do develop (C-41 processing) but do not have a scanning service. After visiting 4 different photography stores (some turned out to not be photo labs), I finally found some expired Fuji C200 film in Jolly Photo Lab (across Lopues East) but they don’t have anything film related other than the expired film. I did see a number of places selling Fuji Instax cameras and the Fujifilm X series so if you guys are interested in that, comment below! 🙂

Anyway, armed with 5 rolls of expired film, I started shooting away with the only 135mm film camera I brought which is the Vivitar and here are some photos I took during my Christmas break 🙂

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Practice using Canon FTB QL

So my first ever film SLR camera is a hand-me-down Canon FTB QL that I found while going through some old things in Bacolod back in 2012. I was so excited when I saw it especially since it was in such good condition! I asked my Dad about it and he said that the camera was first owned by my Great Uncle who then gave it to my Dad when he was in college. Since my Dad has lost interest in film photography, he said that I could have the FTB. However, since I was young and naive, I didn’t anticipate the difficulty of using a film SLR with no proper training in photography at all! You can imagine my dismay when I had my first couple of rolls developed and they turned out blank. I tried reading the manual online (there are a lot of scanned manuals of vintage cameras that you can just google search) but to no success. Eventually, I got really busy with school as well as discouraged to continue film photography so my collection including the Canon FTB stayed on the shelf for the next two years.

Fast forward to today, it’s been 2 years since the last time I held a film camera of any kind. It was only when my best friend Iza got her Olympus OM-1 that I felt inspired to give film photography another go. After another failed roll of film (HUHUHU), I decided to really go back to the basics of photography. I had to relearn how to load the film or how to use my Diana F+ which uses 120 mm film, how to get proper exposure, and a whole bunch of other things.

Finally, after intense research and downloading a light meter on my phone, I decided that it was time to practice for real. Using the Canon FTB QL, a light meter app i downloaded for free from the App store, and an expired roll of Fujifilm c200, I headed to the open deck in my condo building on an extremely sunny Sunday afternoon and gave it a whirl.

These are some of the photos I was able to take.

You can say that I am extremely happy with the results! Intense studying really does pay off! lol After getting this roll developed and buying a cheap film scanner from CDR King, I was finally able to see the awesome results and the magic of using the Canon FTB. For a camera that’s a bit over 40 years old, not bad. Not bad indeed.

My beautiful picture My beautiful picture
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