The making of Daddy D’s dress

Everything starts with an idea.

Sir Dan’s idea was basically the whole dress would be a blob that’s about to start reproduction. He didn’t actually say this to me of course, but that was how I understood the design. A puffed sleeve on the right with a cinched waist and tapered to the hem. When I looked at the sketch for the first time, a million and one ideas came rushing through my mind. That’s my favorite part of draping: figuring out how you’re going to execute the design. Something that I’ve learned in fashion school is that everyone has a different forte. There are a few lucky ones that’s the fashion equivalent of a triple threat (blessed in design, technical and business aspects of fashion) but not all of us were lucky enough to be born that way. Often, I see students design without thinking about how exactly they’re going to bring them to life. And closures. Why do people forget that the person who will be wearing your garment has a head above their shoulders? Please put a button or a zipper; ANYTHING that will open up the garment so that your model can easily slip it on. Please. Thank you.

-End of rant-



So with all garments, I started out with a prototype.

I don’t know why I look like a mess here. I swear I’m better looking than this
FInished prototype


After a few adjustments and Sir Dan’s critique, I got to work on the actual. Sir Dan gave me gazaar to work with for this dress (which is his favorite fabric) and as I mentioned before, I was not able to finish the dress since I only had a day and a half. 

IMG_5851 IMG_5852 IMG_5853 IMG_5854 IMG_5855 IMG_5862 IMG_5861 IMG_5860 IMG_5859 IMG_5858At this point, I had already done the initial shape and the darts needed for the design. Isn’t Sir Dan such a cutie? 🙂 He looks like a green Papa Smurf hihihi


This was the last photo I took with the dress. No sleep that night so excuse my tired eyes and pimply skin. Whoever said that fashion was easy should go jump off a building.

Calorie Counting Diets in Manila – Delicioso! Day 02

Hello people! Here’s Day 2 of my CalCount program with Delicioso!


day02I was really surprised with yesterday’s set because there were so many containers! Definitely made me happy because it didn’t look like I was on a diet. However, they didn’t edit the lunch portion so I have no idea what exactly I ate for lunch (lol). I just know that it was chicken and noodles on the side. 


Shiitake Mushroom & Leek Quiche
Shiitake Mushroom & Leek Quiche


Sadly, I did not enjoy breakfast but only because that it was another egg based meal and probably because it was pretty bland (but isn’t diet food supposed to be bland to begin with?). I confirmed this when Ralf came over and was excited to try the two left over pieces that I did not eat. He finished it but he also said that it was pretty tasteless for a Quiche. I did drink the unsweetened iced tea with my breakfast and it was basically the house tea that they serve in Chinese restaurants only chilled. Since I didn’t finish my meal, I ate Day 01’s dinner instead (which was pretty good because I LOVE broccoli but I wasn’t able to finish because the serving was big) and the gelatine. It’s not exactly what you’re supposed to be having for breakfast but oh well :p


Chicken with tomatoes and other vegetables with pasta on the side
Chicken with tomatoes and other vegetables with pasta on the side

‘m really sad that i don’t know what this is called and what’s exactly in it! This was definitely a big serving (probably because the meat was chicken breast) and the pasta was not regular pasta. If I remember right, it was kind of sweet but this meal and the nuts I had for a snack definitely kept me full til the evening.


Mini Greek Meatballs
Mini Greek Meatballs

Since Ralf wanted to eat at Trattoria for dinner, I decided to order the soup of the day and iced tea so that none of the servers would kick me out since I brought outside food. I don’t know for a fact if they actually would but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I also had a piece of bread and a bite of his pesto during dinner. These Greek Meatballs tasted exactly as named: meatballs. The sauce didn’t really improve the taste (or maybe it’s just me) because it really felt like I was just eating balls of meat. After the third piece however, I found myself to already feel full! I only ate 4 1/2 out of the 6.

Are you guys thinking about ordering from Delicioso? I checked their website and saw that they also offer the Cohen diet and the South beach diet. They can also do catering for your events! So far I’m enjoying my meals so I suggest you give them a call in case you’re thinking of losing weight or are trying to maintain your present weight.

Oh and they didn’t deliver for today (August 25, Monday) since it’s a holiday 🙂 Day 3 will be up tomorrow night or the following day. 🙂

Follow ouromjourney on Instagram (PLEASE)

And only if you guys want to!


As you might have already figured out, I’m pretty passionate about my yoga practice and so I thought that I should share with you Angela and I’s joint instagram account baby @ouromjourney. We started the account so that we had a project that we could do together even when we go back to our separate realities (a.k.a. school) and also so that we had a way to track our progress. On @ouromjourney, we post the monthly challenges that we join, anything related to a healthier lifestyle (exercise, food, random cute baby animals) and our acro yoga photos. I’m really proud of the last one because it was only last year during Global Mala Project where we did Acro yoga for the very first time. It’s almost been a year since then and we have definitely improved! 

So if you guys want to check our yoga selfies out, click away and leave comments! 😀 Thank you and Namaste mothafuckaaaaas

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 6.02.22 PM

Favor to Daddy D


Last June, Sir Dan asked me to drape this dress for him since he was swamped with beauty pageants and weddings. I did 75% of the dress in less than 2 days. It was definitely hell since I didn’t expect the time pressure but I think it came out pretty well overall. :> 

Since I haven’t gone to school in months, I haven’t gotten the actual photos yet. Will be posting the step by step process in the coming days.


IMG_5964 IMG_5965

Calorie Counting Diets in Manila – Delicioso! Day 01

Last week, I was browsing through my usual budget websites (and yes there are more than one that I check on a weekly basis. I’m a cheapskate) and while scrolling through Groupon, I saw that there was a deal for a food service called Delicioso!. Here’s the screenshot:

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 3.43.24 PM

So for P1429.00, you get 5 days worth of food (3 full meals + extra stuff like snacks) and all the meals are pre-calculated to only amount to 1200 calories per day. Admittedly, this is not the first diet that I’ve subjected myself to. The first one I did was by the Fitness Gourmet which is basically the same thing; they also prepared 1200 calories/day meals for a week. If you wanted to continue the program, you just had to message them through email, facebook or text. I did Fitness Gourmet a couple of weeks last November and I’m not so sure anymore but I think I tried another week early this year. The food was pretty good for diet meals and sometimes I would wish that there were more for me to eat. But this wasn’t my only concern with the pre-made food service. My problem was paying for meals because even if the price for a week’s worth of (real) meals was reasonable (I paid around P2,200 then P400 delivery fee), I’m still a student and sadly, I’m given a student budget when it came to food. I’m talking about all the cheap deliveries from McDonald’s, Jollibee, Tapa King and other more accessible fast food chains. Even if I want to keep a healthier eating habit, sometimes my wallet just can’t make the cut. 😦

Anyway, so I decided to document my week with Delicioso! just because I figured that someone might benefit from it. When I was looking for food delivery services in Manila, I stumbled upon other big names like The Sexy Chef and Jujucleanse (this isn’t food though, it’s juice) and I know that they have testimonials of how great they are and how many people they’ve already helped, I as a reader/researcher/food addict would still prefer to read from other people’s blogs to see if it’s legit or not.

The instruction was to get into contact with Delicioso! and give your contact details as well as the date that you would like to start your meal plan. Since I’m leaving next Friday, I had to start it as soon as possible so I decided on Saturday. I liked that they replied almost immediately and they were very accommodating with what I wanted for my one week. In experience, I’ve dealt with merchants who didn’t treat me with 100% of what their deal was offering probably because the service was discounted. Although I understand why anyone would do that economically, it defeats the whole purpose as to why anyone would be on a deal site to begin with. So when Delicioso! replied to me promptly and in a polite manner, I knew almost right away that I was in good hands. 

So without further ado, here’s what my first day (August 23, 2014 / Saturday) with Delicioso looked like:

IMG_7316 IMG_7318


The food arrived at exactly 7am. I was extra tired from the night before (I finally gave in and made a tumblr account that night. Click here if you want to stalk me there) so when I answered the door, the delivery man was greeted by a half awake me (sorry Kuya!) who completely forgot that I had to prepare the voucher and the P450 delivery charge. When that was all settled, He handed me my food which was all placed in a white plastic bag that had a sticker with my name on it (how nice. I feel so special) and a strip of paper.





Light Spinach Fritata

I’m not a fan of eggs, period. You can call me weird all you want but I just really don’t like everything about eggs. But I have nothing against food with eggs mixed into it (like cake MMMM) just as long as I can’t smell or taste the actual egg. This fritata was manageable though. I was able to eat the whole thing (but with a substantial amount of water downed after every bite).


Baked Salmon Parcel with Brown Rice
Baked Salmon Parcel with Brown Rice

Now this I really liked! Maybe because I love salmon or maybe because the portion was bigger and more filling than I expected but either way, I finished the whole thing and I made sure to take my time eating it. Yesterday morning, I waited 2 hours for my doctor’s appointment (the doctor was stuck in traffic) and I was dying to eat already. After the two pieces of fritata, I was not surprised at all that I was hungry by 11:30am. I got to go home and eat at around 1pm already so you can only imagine how much of a blessing this particular meal was.

After lunch, I went to Ortigas because of H’s despedida and I forgot to bring the snack and dinner with me (imagine that). And because I was so hungry, I ate whatever food was still there from lunch (I got there around 3:30pm and they were still at the restaurant). Everything went downhill from there. When we got to H’s condo, I ate a bunch of Reese’s pieces, Seaweed (the kind that you make sushi with), Korean instant noodles, Cheetos and Pringles. Then before I went home, I had a McFlurry and a Burger McDo. Ugh. So much for my first day. 

Here’s what dinner looked like though. 

Baked Chicken Casserole
Baked Chicken Casserole

I saved the gelatin and the Baked Chicken Casserole for the next day instead. I’ll be posting Day 2 either later tonight or tomorrow morning.

All in all I’d say that I had a bad first day; not because of the food but because of my binge eating on everything else but the food that I had prepared. I’m just thankful that I didn’t have to pay for any of the food that I ate yesterday so THANK YOU FRIENDS. You have done a hungry, poor girl a huge favor.

Trip to Intramuros

Quick update before I leave for the doctor. 

While looking through some files, I found these pictures that were taken around June this year. Though the pictures are from our mini adventure around Divisoria + Intramuros, most of them are yoga photos (I think) since this was the time I was still doing the #mermaidyogis challenge on Instagram (which you could check out here). I felt that it’s important for me to post a yoga update since Global Mala Project is coming up (September 13) and so to hype you guys (but mostly myself) up for that, here’s a few snaps of my recent shenanigans.

IMG_1575 IMG_1586 IMG_1646 IMG_1674 IMG_1676 IMG_1693 IMG_1697 IMG_1710 IMG_1714 IMG_1721 IMG_1806

Update on my bum life

So it’s been 3 months since I’ve become a full time bum. Every now and then I go back to me before all of this and I ask myself “Jamie, have you achieved any of the things that you set out to do when this leave of absence started?” and sadly, the answer is a big N-O-P-E.


I have not kept a steady yoga practice since I started.

I have not started on anything for my graduation collection.

I have not started a healthy diet nor reached my goal figure.

I have not gone back to interning at Pormada full time

I have instead…

Gained weight (I used to be 140 pounds AGAIN but thankfully am not that heavy anymore)

Gone home to Bacolod and even went on a side trip to Dumaguete to see Nariz

Done a couple of acting jobs for Annie’s finals 

Learned a lot of new yoga tricks and improved on a lot of asanas

Opened my mind and heart to more new age concepts like chakras and the healing powers of stones


So when I realised a few days ago that I needed to find a new internship asap (which then led to the realisation that my resume, online portfolio and any other medium that might get me noticed have not been updated for months), I decided to revisit all my online profiles and do something about it. 

Hopefully one of the internships I applied for will get back to me soon. Fingers crossed! 

Oh and another thing, I’m leaving for Europe next Friday! Gasp. But more on that soon. Hopefully.


Ta ta ra ra.