My birthday was actually last Feb 11 but one month prior, my best friend Timmy asked me to save Feb 21 for my surprise birthday celebration with our barkada from DLSU. So that night, I got dressed extra fancy and headed to Fort for dinner and dancing.

HB 01

I spent an awesome night with these people! Timmy brought us to this bar/pub called Relik where (surprise, surprise) there was an open mic night. I already had suspicions that their surprise would be something singing-related so I already had a song in mind (I want to break free by Queen); however, open mic night was Acoustic versions of 90’s to current music so they didn’t have my song 😦 I sang Alone by Heart (Celine Dion version) instead because that’s Timmy’s favourite song for me to sing. I was shaky and flat at one point since I don’t sing Acoustic so it was difficult for me to adjust. I did enjoy Smith’s rendition of Breakeven as well as Ysa and H’s awesome acoustic version of Ignition (R Kelly).

Relik. Photo taken from http://www.spot.ph


HB 02

Stole this photo from Timmy’s instagram account. Finally an updated photo of our awesome friendship! Everything about this night was planned by this gorgeously OC girl. Timmy was my first friend in DLSU and we’ve been there for each other through almost everything. Can’t imagine what I would have been or how my university experience would have been like without her.

Photo taken from Aracama’s Facebook page

We walked to Aracama from Relik. We reserved a table (P3500 for a small table for 8) and we were there from 11:30pm to 4am. No one got super wasted nor caused a scene which is not normal when we’re all together so ACHIEVEMENT! It was my first time there too. My overall impression of the place was that there are a lot of people there that were in our age bracket so not bad. There were definitely alot of students and there were some familiar faces.

Ended the night at my place where everyone crashed. I had school the next day (Saturday class, ugh.) so I really needed to get some sleep. This night is definitely one for the books especially since I never celebrate my birthday. I promised myself that in 2014 I would put more effort to making more memories so this is definitely putting me on the right track.

Yoga friends


Photos taken from last year’s Christmas break. Angela and I were only to see each other twice for the whole week and a half that I was there so she came over to the house at 7AM so that we can do a bit of yoga.

Looking back at these pictures, I see how rusty I am and it makes me feel a bit sad about the state of my body today. I haven’t done yoga since the second week of January and I’m probably not going to work out for the next couple of weeks because of school and other issues. My friend (who is also an aspiring Yoga teacher) used to tell me that I shouldn’t compare myself to others because “We are where we are supposed to be at that exact moment” and I want so bad to believe that but sometimes insecurities can get the best of us.

But anyway, here are some photos from this edition of Yoga friends 🙂 It makes me happy to remember this day probably because I feel that Angela and I are having a fall out now. Not talking as much as before and the last time we hung out, I felt that our personalities were clashing. It’s been a rough couple of weeks since then but I have faith that things will eventually work out.

Oh and these photos were taken with my iPhone only so not so good quality and the ones who took them were just anyone passing by while we were doing yoga in the garden :))










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What you see: Purple pencil case, very old Apple earphones, My collection of markers in an old Pop tart box, Blackberry Q10, Sharpies, Tria markers, Canson water-colour sketch pad and my Fashionary

I’m planning to finish my six sketches for INNOVGC (Innovative Garment Construction) in time for Tuesday’s class so that Sir Dan can finally see my vision fully rendered. I’ve been dilly-dallying for weeks now… it took me a really long time to get back on track. I know that in the real world, Artists have to conform to a real schedule to make deadlines but this first two months of this year have been pretty rough.