1st Wedding Gown Part 1: Painting flowers

Definitely one of the most tedious projects I bestowed upon myself. My wedding collection was inspired by teacups. I didn’t really know how to begin painting so when I went home for Christmas break, I asked Tito Dadz (my mentor in painting using water-colour) if he could help me. For 3 days, I went to Victorias City (1-2 hours away from Bacolod City) so that we could paint together. Eventually his friends (who were also painters) decided to help in the process. I learned so much from them in terms of what paint is best, what brands to buy, how to manage my time more efficiently, etc. I’m very thankful for all the help and support that I got for this project. It’s truly something I made with a lot of love.


IMG_0091 IMG_0096







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